Walks-4-Paws - Friendly, reliable Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service, Norwich.
Thelma and Louise
Many cats prefer to stay in their own home whilst you are away. I can visit your home once a day (more if you require) giving food, fresh water, empty the litter tray and give your cat the fuss it deserves. Each visit lasts 30 minutes.
Small animals
I can visit small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc, provide food, fresh water and change their bedding.
I can visit your chickens first thing in the morning, let them out, give them feed and fresh water, muck out as necessary and then return to make sure they are safely shut in at night. 
Other services while you are away include turning lights on/off, drawing curtains and watering plants, collecting letters, putting bins out etc. Please ask about any jobs you require whilst you are away.

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