Walks-4-Paws - Friendly, reliable Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service, Norwich.
Walk by the sea.
Dog Walking
  • Dogs can be walked alone or in groups of no more than 4 dogs.
  • A 30 min,45 min or 1 hour walk includes the walk also travel and any care requirements, e.g. feeding, clean water etc.
  • Dogs are always returned clean no matter how much fun they have had !
  • Dogs are kept on a lead until I and the owner are happy that it is safe for them to be let off the lead.
  • Bitches in season and un-neutered males are walked on their own and kept on the lead.
  • Walks-4-Paws is insured to transport dogs safely in my van to and from walks if necessary.
  • Whilst walking with me your dog will wear a Walks-4-Paws tag.
  • I will text you after each walk so you can relax in the knowlwdge your dog has been walked and is safely at home.
  • All owners house keys are kept in a locked cabinet with no information relating to them.
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